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Thursday, March 02, 2006
  El noi de la mare: The Son of the Mother
Què li darem en el Noi de la Mare?
Què li darem que li sàpiga bo?
Panses i figues i nous i olives,
Panses i figues i mel i mató.

Angels del cel són els que l´enbressolen,
Àngels del cel que li fan venir son,
Mentre li canten cançons d´alegria,
Cants de la glòria que no són del món.

What shall we give to the son of the mother?
What shall we give him that he will like?
Raisins and figs, nuts and olives,
Raisins and figs, honey and curds.

Heavenly angels are they that rock him,
Heavenly angels make him fall to sleep,
Meanwhile they sing him joyful songs,
Songs of glory that are not of this world.
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